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The Future In
Alarm Solutions

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Before signing up with your new supplier ask them the following questions.  If they cannot answer all of them satisfactorily don’t sign with them.

  1. Is your supplier registered with NSI?  This is the National Security Inspectorate.  All reputable companies are registered with this body.  Be sure to log on to and check whether your supplier is registered.  Communicate UK is a gold member, which is the highest rated award.
  2. Do you have to pay for a survey?  You should not have to pay for a survey of any kind.  Your supplier should provide a no obligation price.
  3. Will they provide a written quotation?  Approved companies will never try to sell on the day of the survey.  Always request a quote in writing before making any decision.
  4. Is your equipment “open protocol”?  This means if you want to change suppliers in the future, other companies can easily maintain and service your existing equipment.  If it is not, it may be impossible for another supplier to take over a contract.  Make sure you get this in writing.
  5. All equipment should have at least 24 months guarantee.  Do not accept any offers below 24 months guarantee.

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