Fire Alarm Systems for Schools and Government

According to Home Office statistics, every year there are more than 100,000 fires in buildings, and around 500 people lose their lives. The suffering and financial losses are incalculable – reliable and effective fire warning and protection is therefore essential and potentially life-saving. Strict regulations are set out by the government when it comes to fire safety and all companies must appoint a responsible person to manage the fire safety. The regulations state:

The responsible person must:

  1. Take such general fire precautions as well to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the safety of any of his employees; and
  2. In relation to relevant persons who are not his employees, take such general fire precautions as may reasonably be required in the circumstances of the case to ensure that the premises are safe.

Furthermore, the appointed person must carry out a risk assessment and give appropriate procedures in the event of serious or imminent danger. With all this regulation it is hard to know where to start. At Communicate we have been helping customers mitigate fire risk and help them prepare in the event of an emergency for over 20 years. We supply, fit and maintain (to a very high standard), only the best Fire Alarm systems available.

Types of Fire Alarms Systems

At its simplest, the system may be operated purely by Break Glass Units (called a manual system). At its most complex, the system may have many different types of smoke, heat, CO2 detectors or a combination of all three spread throughout the building and possibly linked with other buildings, public address and sprinkler systems. Fire extinguishing systems can be integrated into fire detection systems and fire alarm systems. These systems can be designed to ensure rapid knockdown by flooding the area of a fire with the appropriate agent – clean gaseous agents, inert gases, foams, powder, CO2 or water mist.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is required when the power supply to normal lighting fails, to assist in locating fire fighting equipment and exit routes. Please call us on 01245 429200 for more information on our Fire Alarm Services, or to book a site visit.


Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

At Communicate UK we are committed to providing fire alarm solutions which ensure your property is fully protected from any risk of fire. With only one in four businesses recovering from a fire, and more than 10,000 affected by fire damage each year, it is now more important than ever to have the best system installed, which not only meets your requirements, but also meets current legislation.


  • 24 month parts and labour guarantee on all new fire alarm installations
  • Free of charge no obligation site survey and quotation
  • 24 hour engineer telephone support available
  • 4 hour response time in the event you require a fire alarm engineer with a maintenance contract

Experienced and Knowledgable

We have a full team of engineers on hand who can share their expertise and knowledge on reducing fire risks and how to tailor a system to suit your environment, from the installation of early warning detectors, through to industrial fire suppression systems.

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Sophisticated Fire Alarm System

Addressable fire alarm systems are usually more advance than there conventional counterparts. An addressable fire alarm system will give you more information in the events of a fire alarm activation for example providing you with exactly what fire alarm detector has been activated and on what time and date the fire alarm activation took place.

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Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is required when the power supply to normal lighting fails, to assist in locating fire fighting equipment and exit routes.

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