The following CCTV page offers guidance to potential CCTV users on how to get the most from CCTV technology. Deciding to use CCTV is an important decision, and the equipment you choose has to meet your requirements and provide a return on your investment.


It is important to have a clear idea of what you want your CCTV system to do. The simple answer to this will be based on your own premises and its layout, and the frustrations or worries you want to address. It is very unlikely that the presence of a CCTV camera alone will act as a deterrent and this should not be relied on. The most important point, is what your system will do for you in the event of an intrusion. Performance of your CCTV equipment, therefore, should be sufficient to provide the information you need of any incident which occurs. The picture quality needs to be of good enough quality to actually serve its purpose.

CCTV equipment does not have to cost a small fortune, but getting the right equipment for the job is paramount.


The Home Office has published a very useful guide as to why a good CCTV system is very important. An extract of this is below.


Crime detection Staff and public safety
CCTV is an electronic witness that can assist in proving guilt, innocence and association. It plays a significant part in many investigations by the police. There are two critical elements within the investigative process – the identification of suspects and the capture of events. The use of CCTV for the safety of users of your business is important. Often this requires some form of live time monitoring of the cameras to enable an early intervention by an appropriate person in an incident such as an assault or a violent shoplifter.
 Crime reduction  Shop management
The reduction of crime is inextricably linked to the ability to detect and prosecute offenders. The potential reduction strategy is therefore based on the threat of being caught. This preventative benefit relies on knowledge by the public of the presence of cameras and also their effectiveness. Clearly people cannot be deterred from committing crime if they don‟t know they are being watched.  Some CCTV has an important part to play in the management of a store, e.g. seeing the arrival of a delivery lorry. This will probably mean however, that the same camera cannot be expected to be capable of identifying persons committing crime. In simple terms don’t install a camera for one purpose and expect to use it for another because you and the police are likely to be disappointed.

It is vital that CCTV images are suitable for the purpose they are intended. Therefore, if you need to “identify” individuals, they will need to occupy about 100% of the screen height. If the purpose is to “recognise” then the individual will need to fill up 50% of the screen height. If the purpose is just to “observe” then it might be appropriate for the camera to show the individuals at only 25% of the available screen size. Please speak to one of our technical staff regarding this to make sure you make the right choice.


As a rule of thumb at least one camera should provide identifiable quality images. The video should be recorded at a minimum of six frames per second for high risk locations, and a minimum of two frames per second for lower risk locations. Naturally, the cameras should be positioned in high risk locations with attention to lighting and angles when being set up.


We supply a range of wireless and standard wired CCTV cameras. All of our equipment is IP66 rated, meaning it is fully weatherproof. Our technician will explain the benefits of each to you.


Indoor CCTV cameras come in two types: wired and wireless. Wireless cameras are not recommended inside the business unless the signal is encrypted, as anyone within range and using a suitable receiver would be able to view the images.


For businesses with complicated or sophisticated existing infrastructure, wireless CCTV cameras provide the perfect solution when running cables is not an option.


It is possible to store your audio and video CCTV images on any DVR (digital video recorder), and you can view the CCTV video and audio through a monitor or TV. If you prefer, you can also transfer the complete video to DVD or USB as appropriate. Our solutions provide total flexibility to view your images in a time and place convenient to you from anywhere in the world.


Our CCTV systems allow remote access so you can view what the cameras are seeing from anywhere with internet access. It is also possible to receive a text or email when the cameras are activated.


It is possible to film in black and white, and colour. Monochrome (black and white) is most effective when used in low light.

  • Robust cameras
  • Optional LCD Monitor Provided
  • 24 Month Parts and Labour Guarantee
  • Indoor and Outdoor use
  • Motion detection cameras available
  • Expandable camera capacity
  • CCTV maintenance contracts to suit all systems and budgets

Please call us on 01245 429200 for more information on our CCTV services, or to book a site visit. You can also contact us online here. For a simple guide on how to choose a security provider please click here.





CCTV Manufacturers

Commercial CCTV

CCTV solutions are regarded as a great addition to your overall security installations and will help create a solid security package. Communicate UK can provide full professional systems for commercial or public body premises. Our team of specialists will be happy to advise you on all available options, including motion detection with email notification in the event a camera picks up movement, wireless systems, or CCTV hire for events.


  • Remotely view your Multiple sites through software installed on your laptop or PC
  • 24 months Parts and Labour guarantee on all new installations
  • Free no obligation site survey and quotation
  • Email Notification in the event a camera picks up movement out of hours at your site

CCTV with Large Storage

Record a minimum of 30 days worth of recorded footage before your CCTV system will automatically overwrite itself. This means in theory you have 1 month to realise an event of interest has taken place before burning the evidence off onto a USB stick and handing this to the relevant authorities.

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Cameras that work
Day & Night

As soon as the daylight or lighting levels at your property drop our cameras are smart enough to swap over to record in black in white with the use of state of the art infrared lighting.

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Remotely View your CCTV system from anywhere in the world

When we connect your CCTV system to your existing Internet Router we are able to provide you with access to live streams of your CCTV system through any Apple or Android mobile device. Download our mobile applications Here. (Link to remote CCTV page) don’t just stop at this, why not connect your multiple sites to one software programme loaded onto your PC or laptop.

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