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manage who enters your building and their
level of access to certain areas

Access control gives you the ability to manage who enters your building and their level of access to certain areas. It also enables you to allocate user permissions so certain staff can have access to different parts of the building. Access control also refers to access permissions into the grounds of your premises, and this can be restricted using barriers and gates.


There are various levels of access control solutions available:

Standalone Access Control

This provides control over who enters a single door or entry point, and this can be controlled with a simple audio, video, key code entry, and T card systems.

Complex Access Control

Where there are multiple access points, such as front and back doors, and entry gates, these can be networked to one or many points within the premises and access can be given or denied depending on their access permissions. Staff and visitors can be given different permissions to enter different parts of the building, with their own tags and access codes.

Multiple Sites

When many locations need to be monitored, a multi site system can be installed. This enables different permissions to be given to different staff at different locations. The door entry systems are sophisticated enough to know when the last person has left the building and to set any alarms. This sophisticated technology can be managed from one location.

The access control system can be integrated into your intruder alarm system so that a monitoring station is alerted to unwelcome visitors.

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