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We supply a range of monitored intruder alarms for schools, colleges, universities, local authorities, and healthcare settings

No two requirements are the same and our intruder alarms are tailored for your protection.


Our intruder alarm services include:

Bells Only

Pay just a one-off fee to have an alarm installed and rely on someone phoning you or the police if the business alarm is activated.

Speech Dialler

A cheaper alternative (for a one off cost) if you don't want the on-going expense of monitoring. When the intruder alarm is activated, up to 4 numbers of your choice are called (for example your mobile number, a caretaker etc.) until an answer is received, then a recorded alert message is left to inform you the alarm has been activated.

Monitored Intruder Alarm

Sleep soundly with an alarm which is monitored 24 hours a day every day of the year. When the alarm is set off and depending on the level of service required, a call is made to a predetermined number or even the Police. Generally, if one sensor is activated the monitoring station will contact the key holder. If two or more sensors are activated a police response may be invoked. The monitoring station is able to notify the contact what zone has been activated within the premises.

Perimeter Protection

Sensors are placed on windows, doors and gates. These are then monitored by our remote monitoring station. When a sensor is activated our monitoring station is alerted, and the appropriate action is taken. Similar to sensors, we also use beam technology. When an intruder crosses the path of a beam an alert is raised so the appropriate action can be taken. Please call us on 01245 429200 for more information on our intruder and burglar alarm services, or to book a site visit.


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