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Fire Extinguishers Essex


Whether you manage a retail outlet, warehouse or a public body premises fire extinguishers should always be included as part of your on site fire tool kit. Here at Communicate we can supply a full range of fire extinguishers services, all of which meet current British safety standards, along with offering you peace of mind by fully maintaining and servicing your extinguishers through a competitive annual contract.

At Communicate UK we also understand the complexities of fire safety plans and the legal penalties for non-compliance. Fire related fatalities can result in a minimum of 2 years in jail under the Corporate Homicide and Corporate Manslaughter Act, with fines of £500,000. With this in mind we are more than happy to discuss your requirements and help you understand the varied range of extinguishers available. These can be range from hand held to cart mounted or wheeled and can be supplied as either a stored pressure or a cartridge operated extinguisher depending on your operations and the risk factors involved.

Your safety plan may require you to install, on and around your premises, one or all of the following types of colour coded extinguishers: Standard Dry or Multipurpose Powder for use on wood, cloth, paper, plastics or coal, a standard water extinguisher for general flammables, providing the fire isn’t in close proximity to electrical systems, or AFFF (Aqueous Film-Forming Foam) which forms an extinguishing film on the surface of a burning liquid, which are suitable for use with flammable grease, paints, or petrol products.


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fire extinguishers essex Commercial
Commercial Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers from Communicate UK in Essex, will keep you and your staff safe in the unfortunate event of a fire.



fire extinguishers Essex
Fire Extinguishers for Schools & Gov

We will provide all the advice and support necessary for you to make an informed decision on what equipment is required.



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