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CCTV is a common fixture in most shops, pubs and public places and with advances in modern technology the popularity of CCTV systems is now gaining popularity in the residential market. This has been aided by its benefit as an intruder deterrent and its ability to record and store crucial evidence.

CCTV solutions are regarded as a great addition to your overall security installations and will help create a solid security package. Communicate UK can provide full professional systems for commercial or public body premises. Our team of specialists will be happy to advise you on all available options, including motion detection, wireless systems, or infrared recordings.

Smaller personal solutions for home situations can also be delivered, such as indoor requirements to monitor pet movement or checking the safety of elderly relatives. Whatever your needs and requirements, technological advances in networking now allow you to view your CCTV recordings, remotely, from anywhere in the world. The ability to zoom, pan or tilt on the images makes viewing much easier providing you with the freedom to relax and monitor your recordings via any Smartphone, tablet or mobile device that is connected to the internet.

Our CCTV systems also have an integrated 30-day storage day facility allowing you to quickly access recent recordings. Back up recordings are easily stored on USBs or discs giving you full access to historical data if required.

All our outdoor systems are fully weather proof and robust, including a 24-month parts and labour guarantee.


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cctv home

CCTV puts you in control of you and your family’s safety and gives you the peace.



cctv business
Business & retail CCTV

The use of CCTV for the safety of users of your business is important.



Goverment & education CCTV

CCTV is now an accepted and affordable measure used to protect organisations and schools.



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