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One of the major concerns for businesses today is the threat of a security breach, which can easily arise when control over who can and cannot access your site is ill managed. 

Having an access control system installed will give you the ability to fully control, manage and perform selective restrictions on access for entrances and restricted rooms within buildings. Access systems can also be easily extended to include restrictions to your grounds, enabling barriers and gates to also be controlled, resulting in a fully automated and secure site.

All access Control systems can be operated with a simple reprogrammable fob, swipe card, or by a keypad entry system, which mitigates the risk of having to replace lost keys. If you require differing levels of access these can be easily programmed to enable visitors, individuals or groups of employees to have differing levels of access to various entry points.

Depending on your specifications you may opt for a Stand-Alone access control system, which is best suited for premises with just one single entry point. However, if you have several entry points used on a daily basis then a Complex Access control system would be more suitable or alternatively a Multiple Site system for a site with many entry point over large areas.

To fully align your security access systems can also be intelligently linked to your alarm system, and provide you with an invaluable access audits allowing you to check and trace who has accessed certain areas at any given time.

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access control
Commercial Access Control

Access control gives you the ability to manage who enters your building and their level of access to certain areas.



Access control Essex
Access Control for Schools & Gov

Access control enables you to allocate user permissions so certain staff can have access to different parts of the building.



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